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Kactus Kathy's Chihuahuas
Kathleen M. Golden
26555 Hillward North
Congress, Arizona 85332
928 231 7788
Bubba is the first chihuahua in the Golden
household, he will be sorely missed.  He passed
over the Rainbow Bridge on 10/25/12.
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This site last updated on 4/6/19
When bringing a new Chihuahua into your home, you are
not only adding a pet to your household, you are adding a
dog from someone who has built a breeding program
centered on the love of the breed, not for profits. If you are
looking for a loving companion that has undying loyalty, is
highly trainable, beautiful and even portable, Kactus Kathy's
Chihuahua has adorable chihuahuas for sale in Arizona.

Are you looking for a low maintenance dog that you don’t
have to worry about destroying your house or a threat to
your family and other people’s safety? Here at Kactus
Kathy's Chihuahuas we have some of the finest Chihuahuas
for sale in Arizona. Our chihuahua
puppies for sale embody all of the great temperament and
behavior traits that dog owners have come to love. Most of
the chihuahua puppies we have for sale will never break the
six pound threshold set by AKC standards making them non-
threatening and absolutely lovable to everyone in the family.

With their miniature bodies, gigantic personalities and
beautiful markings, not many dogs match up to the merle
chihuahuas we have for sale. Our breeding program is
highly controlled to breed the most desirable colors and
markings while adhering to strict AKC regulations. We want
to ensure that we keep our reputation as one of the finest
Chihuahua breeders in the country and have the best
chihuahuas for sale in Arizona. Thank you for visiting
our website and seeing all the great information about who
we are, our dogs we use for our breeding program and the
adorable chihuahua puppies for sale.
Links to other reputable breeders of Chihuahuas
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928 231 7788
Kactus Kathys Chihuahuas has a FB page that tends to be more
up to date.