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Kathleen M. Golden
26555 Hillward North
Congress, Arizona 85332
928 231 7788
Last update on  11/9/19
Kactus Kathy's Chihuahuas
Kactus Kathy's does not have any older or retired show/brood
dogs available at this time.  We have such dogs available from
time to time.   

If a dog does not meet the AKC standard then we will look for pet
homes for them.  Sometimes we keep a puppy to "grow them out"
and see if they will meet the standard and it turns out they do not,
then we make them available.

We retire our girls at 7 years old from breeding. Sometimes,
sooner if they are not producing the type of puppy that we are
looking at for showing.  In those cases, they become available as
well for new and loving homes.